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Päivi & Parkman

PaiviAndParkman_026 (2).jpg

Päivi Hirvonen: fiddle and voice

Sara Parkman: fiddle and voice


Two fiddles, two voices, two northern countries and two approaches to improvisation and tradition. A new duo of Sara Parkman (SE) and Päivi Hirvonen (FI) creates a timeless space to be filled with the joy and power of improvisation, minimalist movements, fierce roars and hypnotic rhythms.


Sara Parkman is an artist and activist who has established herself as one of Sweden’s most interesting contemporary folk musicians with her experimental projects and versatile collaborations. Her third album Vesper (2019), has been critically acclaimed and awarded. Finnish Päivi Hirvonen, known from Okra Playground, has played different genres from folk and popular music to classical and performed both solo and with different ensembles and bands touring in Scandinavia, UK, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Japan. Right now Päivi & Parkman are working on their first duo release.

Päivi & Parkman @ Bollnäs, Sweden 2020

Päivi & Parkman @ Järvsö, Sweden 2020

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