The Doctoral Degree


I’m currently a doctoral student at Folk Music Department of Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki. The working title of the thesis is Soolosoiton Mahti – Kohti Tarinankerronan ja Soolosoiton Ydintä (The Power of Solo Performance – Towards the Core of Storytelling and Solo Performance). The study presents the challenges and opportunities of solo performance from the point of view of fiddling and singing and looks into new ways of expression to combine music and storytelling. 


First Concert  Sanaton Tarina

The first concert Sanaton Tarina - Wordless Story (on the 12th of April 2014) was a solo concert at which fiddle and octave fiddle acted as the storytellers. The aim for the concert was to find and present new ways to use the violin as a diverse solo instrument as well as the instruments different tones as a storyteller.


Second Concert Kaksi Kertojaa

The idea of second doctoral degree concert, Kaksi Kertojaa – Two Storytellers (on the 9th of December 2014) was to develop my skills at combining fiddling and singing at the same time and ponder over what is the relation between fiddle and voice when it comes to storytelling.


Third Concert  Alasti synnyin minä maailman helmaan

At the third doctoral degree concert, Alasti Synnyin Minä Maailman Helmaan - Naked I Was Born Into This World (the 25th of May, 2015) I continued the exploration of solo performance and storytelling – this time in the world of effects. Besides fiddle and voice looping and effect equipment were in use.


Fourth Concert  Tarinankertojat

The fourth doctoral degree concert was named Tarinankertojat, The Storytellers. It was a concert where solo and group performance, improvisation, and singing came together with over 40 musicians to create one shared story. At this concert there were four different ensembles on the stage and the aim was to break the boundaries of solo and group performance in a fascinating way. The concert took place on 16.12.2016.​


Fifth Concert: Alku  The Beginning

The fifth concert was divided into two parts: solo concert and solo album.